High Tech Tutorials

How to Use

Unfortunately, video files are quite large, and with the number of video files on this website it is not possible to store all of the files internally. Therefore, we had to use an external source to house the videos. The .swf files that you download, for the video tutorials, simply grab the information from the external source and play it.

While Flash can play files from external sources quite easily, it considers them a potential for risk. (Which they are not.) So, in order to play the videos you must tell Flash to allow them. This is a pretty simple task that you must only do once.

Here are the steps:


1. Go to Flash's Settings Management page
Click here to go to the Settings Management page

You should come to a page with this on it.

2. Go to Edit Locations in the bottom right of the box. (Same box as image above.)

3. Click Add location.

4. Click Browse for Folder.

5. Select your desktop.

6. You are done. Now, to watch tutorials simply save them to your desktop and play as much as you want. (To save a tutorial just right click and hit "Save Link As.")