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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is used for image editing. As you can well imagine the term ‘image editing’ can be used to describe quite a few tasks. Well, that is why Photoshop is used. Photoshop can be used for a number of very different tasks that range from creating an Airline Campaign to removing red eye from some camping photos. Because of it functionality with so many things, Photoshop is becoming a standard for image editing.

While Photoshop is an excellent program to learn, it can be quite difficult for a beginner to understand the program. Photoshop may not be the user-friendliest program in the world. But, a solid knowledge of Photoshop will greatly benefit any project you will work on.

Besides Photoshop, Adobe has other great programs that you may want to consider looking into. One program, I think, may be worth looking into is Adobe Indesign. Indesign is used for doing layouts, such as: magazines, newspapers, or books. While it is a less used program, if you do know it then you will be ahead of the curve not to mention it is just a good skill to know. Oh, try After Effects also.


To begin learning Photoshop please select your Photoshop level. The tutorials are, somewhat, arranged according to complexity and skill, so it is recommended that you have completed tutorials of lower level(s) before advancing.