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High Tech Tutorials was initially created as a source that High Tech Middle and High Tech High students could use to get help with their Digital Portfolios (DPs) or learn how to use Macromedia Flash for a project. But, that was only the initial plan, it has come a long way from there. High Tech Tutorials is now a completely separate entity from the High Tech system. (Yes, yes I know the name is based off of the High Tech system and the site is primarily used by the High Tech system, but it is separate.)

Thank you for visiting High Tech Tutorials. Please feel free to explore, check out the tutorials. If there is something that you believe is inaccurate regarding the site or a topic you recommend adding or simply want to leave a comment, check out the Comments page.

Ever wonder... Why was High Tech Tutorials made?

Hello my name is Zac Sheffer, the creator of High Tech Tutorials. I am making this website as a Senior at High Tech High (HTH). High Tech High is a charter school in San Diego, CA that emphasizes on project based learning. In order to do well on these projects students must have a firm understanding of different programs so that they can implement them well. But it is often difficult for teachers to teach these programs to their students when they themselves do not know the program. The teachers usually ask older students, who have used the programs for an extended period of time, to give tutorials to younger students. It was when I was first asked to give Macromedia Flash tutorials in 10th grade did I have the idea to make a tutorial website.

But why would I ever make a tutorial website? There are hundreds if not thousands of comprehensive, better made then this one, tutorial based web sites. The answer is because I know what middle school and high school students need to know in the fields of Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop, and Macromedia Dreamweaver to be successful.

Read this quick story and you will understand why I wanted to make this site. When I first was introduced to Flash, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop I had no idea what I was doing. I was completely confused. For example, the first time I had to learn Flash was for a big movie project. We learned the basics by several other students in class, it helped but no where near enough. For the project I just let my partner do all of the work. That doesn't help anything. At the end of the year I then broke my foot, which sucked, but I had tons of free time. So, I went back to all the programs I neglected to learn earlier and learned them. The next year, I was the one being asked to give tutorials, and I keep getting asked. So, I know better then anyone that these programs are difficult to learn... but I also know that they are truly beneficial to learn.